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Erskine Stewart's Melville Schools
The school used an elaborate and complicated system involving lost pieces of paper and bookings mistakenly made by the school on behalf of parents. This electronic system empowers the parents allowing them to make choices based around their own busy lives. We have 2,700 pupils across our 3 schools and their parents universally agree this system is far better. The administration staff work load is greatly reduced and the parents choose their own appointments. More efficient all round.
Mr Jackson, Stewart's Melville College
Cotham School
We used to use a paper based system of booking appointments for parents evenings resulting in problems seeing specific students and a generally chaotic nature. The system has benefitted us immensely in that the evenings are much easier to administer, it has cut out the need for writing to individual parents to ask them to make the appointments. Evenings run much closer to time and parental attendance has improved hugely from around 70% up to about 85-90% for most year groups.

Feedback from parents has been hugely positive, many parents have found it very easy to use and appreciate the visual design and the email confirmation tools. I'd have no hesitation in recommending the system to other schools.
Ms Baldry, Cotham School
Corfe Hills School
The system is very popular among parents and staff at Corfe Hills. The feedback so far has been consistently positive. It is very easy to use and the time saved in admin has been considerable. Highly recommended.
Ms Tegerdine, Corfe Hills School
Bilborough College
The system is great - it is easy to load for the administrator and gives parents a much more efficient booking process with greater choice. We previously used a "homemade" database system which was ok but we had to book the appointments internally from slips returned from students.

The Parents Evening System is definitely time saving - fewer phone calls to the college to change appointment dates/times. It's also convenient for parents to select the most suitable evening. Staff can view appointments in real time and re-allocate if necessary. Feedback from parents was very positive and I'd recommend this to others.
Ms Taylor, Bilborough College
Aldridge School
The launch of this system has generated more positive feedback from parents than anything we have ever done before.

We had a paper based system where staff and students would arrange appointments between themselves. The evenings would overrun and parents would arrive having no idea when their appointments were as their children had lost their sheets. From our own surveys we knew that 23% of parents were unhappy with how the evenings were ran.

Now the evenings run smoothly - 93% of parents are happy with how the evening was ran and we are sending the last parents home 15 minutes after the finishing time which is a massive win. We are seeing a minimum number of missed appointments, as the parents who can and want to come are making the bookings. By being able to put the gap of 1 appointment in we are able to remove the problem of parents not having time to travel to appointments. We are using the reports of parents who haven't made appointments to make contact.

97% of our parents think this new system is an improvement to our old paper based system. We love it, it has revolutionised our parents evenings putting the power back into the hands of parents.
Mr Fendek, Aldridge School
Shire Oak Academy
We previously had a paper based system where pupils visited each teacher to get an appointment and then usually lost the slip before it got to parents! Using the Parents Evening System, evenings are running more to time, more parents are attending and the system gives them control over which teachers they would like to see and what times they can attend. The majority of comments from parents have been overwhelmingly positive. I absolutely recommend this to other schools and already have done!
Mrs Dukes, Shire Oak Academy
Bandon Hill Primary School - Meadow Field
The on-line booking system has been very helpful. Previously, our parents signed up on paper lists. From an admin point of view, the programme is easy to look at and to operate. Thank you, we look forward to using the Parents Evening System in the future.
Bandon Hill Primary School, Meadow Field
Cheslyn Hay Sport And Community High School
Since using the Parents Evening System we have had better parental attendance which in turn has improved parental engagement. It has also improved communication between parents and the school as well as help organise parents' evenings more efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend the system to any school.
Mr Jobson, Cheslyn Hay Sport and Community High School
Rossett School
In the past we had a paper based set up where forms were given to students and they would make their appointments with teachers. Using the Parents Evening System gives us much more control over the evening and offers online reports. It's also time saving from the students point of view. There's definitely more parents attending and parents love the new system.
Mrs Kaur, Rossett School
Horndean Junior School
The system was easy to set up, even though we have set classes as well as normal classes. Telephone support was both quick and knowledgeable. The period leading up to the actual parents' evening allowed me to print out who was not yet booked and therefore nag parents. After the event we were able to analyse who didn't show or even book and target them to find out why.

I received about 30 - 40 email comments from parents which were all very positive. I have recommended this system to several schools and we will be using it again in October for our next round of parents' evenings.
Mrs Kelly, Horndean Junior School
Highdown School And Sixth Form Centre
We previously used a paper-based system. Students requested an appointment from each of their teachers and passed the completed form to their parents. With the Parents Evening System, feedback from both parents and teachers indicates that the evenings ran to time more successfully than in the past, with both sides keeping to the appointment times. It was easier to see which parents had not made appointments and take action to ensure they could be seen. The support and guidance on setting up the system was very good - I would recommend this to other schools.
Mrs Boothman, Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre
Hurst Drive Primary School
Previous to our trial with your system, we were working with a manual system that included a grid per evening showing all of our classes, marked into ten minute slots. We had to send a letter home to parents giving them a choice of dates and asking them to request a time slot, then plot all of the reply slips onto the grid, making sure all siblings followed on from each other, and at the same time, filling in a reply slip back to the parents to give them their allocated slot. We then had to fill out a table for each teacher, for each evening, giving them their allocated appointments. A very lengthy and tedious task!

Our main concerns prior to piloting the system were of password/access problems for parents and of failure of the system to recognise and block out the same time slots for a sibling. The benefits of the system are numerous. Primarily, the set up took very little time and we were able to contact the parents swiftly using the letter templates provided. We had a great response from the parents after using the system, and the way the system allowed them to 'feedback' to us was great. Teachers were pleased with the look of their time slot sheets and the attendance charts were also a great tool. I have already recommended your system to other Business Managers.
Ms Dulieu, Hurst Drive Primary School
Christleton High School
We have now used the system for one complete academic year. We previously used Nova-P as part of SIMS to book parents' evening appointments before. The Parents Evening System saves so much administration time. It's all done online and by email - saves the office a huge amount of paper.

We have had a very good response from parents - they can book the times, subjects and times between appointments they need. They can see where the rooms are so that can plan the evening better. They have control. On the whole we are very happy with the new system.
Mrs Varley, Christleton High School
Bradley Stoke Community School
The system is great and we have had so many more appointments than ever before because of it. Parents find it easy to use which is crucial. We really think it's changed how we work with parents.
Mr Williams, Bradley Stoke Community School
Horndean Technology College
We have been using the Parents Evening System now for about a year and it along with the support service has been great. Parents really like it and the additional new features such as 'parents feedback', 'reports' (giving you an immediate overview of who is attending and how many etc) and 'appointment sheets' (for students, parents and teachers) have been excellent. Thank you for the service - its just what we want and need!
Mr Sheppard, Horndean Technology College
Bradley Stoke Community School
The Parents Evening System has totally changed how our school runs parent evenings and has proved a huge success. We hold 7 subject parent evenings and 1 tutor parent evening a year. These are easy to run from our end and our parents love the new system. We are also able to provide exact statistics on the parents that attend and pinpoint parents that don't!
Ms Warren, Bradley Stoke Community School
Hamble College
We selected the Parents Evening System for its simplicity, cost and because it was hosted. The team at Parents Evening System have been outstanding. Customer service has been exemplary and they continue to listen and act upon our (and other schools) feedback.

Parents/carers were very impressed with the online booking. Our parents and carers really find the new system very easy to use. They can choose the appointments themselves rather than relying on the students who would 'forget' or 'all appointments have gone' by the time they see the teacher.

We also received a dozen feedback emails through the system, all positive, for example "Such a better way to arrange appointments" and "This is a much better process as it is very fast and easy".
Mr Still, Hamble Community Sports College
Crofton School
We were really pleased by the parents' evening arrangements - we received good support in the set-up phase and then enjoyed lots of enthusiastic feedback from parents.
Mr Leeming, Crofton School
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
I am extremely pleased with the system. It has saved us so much administrative time as coordinating appointments for parents used to be a major task for one of the clerical staff. I have found support to be most helpful in providing the backup we needed to get us started. It is also reassuring to know that you are listening to what we need and updating the system with new features.

We have had so many positive comments from our parents the following quote is a typical example: "Great system, maintains confidentiality, easy to use and update, with good confirmation emails".
Ms O'Sullivan, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
Holsworthy Community College
Students used to make appointments for their parents on paper and we were concerned students were able to control or neglect the appointments that they made. Since adopting the Parents Evening System we are now seeing many more parents in attendance at parents' evenings. So many want to come now that we can't fit them all in!
Ms Fraser, Holsworthy Community college
Orchard Primary School
Before using the system, each class teacher would arrange their own times with parents and had to do their own chasing up. The Parents Evening System has saved us lots of time and we like how all the appointments are centralized. The feedback from parents has been really positive. It's an excellent system, would recommend to any school.
Mr Miah, Orchard Primary School
Christ Church Academy
This system has definitely improved parents' evenings and we have had some really positive feedback from parents. Previously children used to bring slips into school and had to find times from each teacher. It does appear that more parents make more appointments this way as it is easy for them to do so, especially not relying on the children. We would recommend the system to other schools.
Mrs Pointon, Christ Church Academy
Glenesk School
Before using your system all arrangements were done by letter and via teaching staff. I was initially concerned because I didn't think I (or the parents) would understand the system, however our parents love it! Benefits for us have been a much speedier response from parents, less time consuming for the office, prints up records of times, etc. I would like to point out that your guidance, patience and tact were all essential as we set the system. We would happily recommend to others.
Mrs Kadhim, Glenesk School, East Horsley, Surrey
Westfields Junior School
At our school, we have found that the new system saves the class teachers' time, as they no longer have to organise the appointment slots. Parents have also liked it as they are able to choose a slot that is most convenient to them. I would recommend it to other schools, because as a teacher as I like the lack of paper!
Mr Britt, Westfields Junior School
Ravens Wood School
The system has been fantastic and remarkably easy to use both for staff and parents. Previously the parents evening involved the pupils choosing the teachers they would like their parent to see and filling in times on pieces of paper.

This system has totally reversed this and put the parents in charge and let them choose which teachers to see. The only downside which is not a fault of the system is that it made it very visible to parents when all the slots were full! This was the only type of complaint that we had. This has been very popular with the vast majority of parents.
Mr Barclay, Ravens Wood School
Colne Community School And College
We previously booked appointments via students and teachers with a paper system. Initially we were concerned about the flexibility of the Parents Evening System but this has so far proved to be ideal for our needs. The benefits we have noticed are the reduction of admin time required, increase in appointments and appointments being arranged as soon as they go live. The feedback from parents has been positive. We would definitely recommend to other schools based on our experience and the support provided.
Ms Johnson, The Colne Community School and College
The Beacon School
Prior to the new system, pupils had to take their planners to their teachers who would book their appointments. The feedback we had from parents was very supportive of the new booking system. Parents now take responsibility for making appointments and now many more attend the parents evenings.
Ms Signe, The Beacon School
Brockington College
The system worked excellently during and all feedback we received was positive.
Mr Jones, Brockington College
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