Online booking for school events & activities

Allow parents to book places/seats/tickets at your school

Extra Curricular Activities & Clubs

Allow parents to book their children onto school clubs such as football, pottery, breakfast and revision clubs.

Plays & Theatre Productions

Allow parents to book tickets for the Festive plays & productions and receive an email confirmation of their tickets.


Coordinate the school trip by allowing parents can book their children onto the trip, view information and the trip dates.

Streamline administration of events

Replace Letters

Receving response forms or letters from parents is an unreliable method of communication with parents. Use the Events module to effortlessly coordinate all your school events.

Reduce Administration Time

All bookings are easily viewed from the admin section including details of the parent and student.

Mobile Friendly for Parents

The system is optimised to work nicely on any mobile device or tablet. No app needs to be installed.


Effortless event organisation

Cutting edge features for administrators and school leaders

Automatic data importing

We sync with SIMS, iSAMS, RM Integris, Facility, WCBS 3Sys, ScholarPack, Bromcom, Progresso, PupilAsset, Arbor and SEEMiS (via Glow).

Neatly formatted schedules

Bookings are automatically emailed for confirmation to parents.

Easy Login for Parents

There is no username or password. Instead the parent simply enters their child's name, DOB and their own name.

Admins Book on Behalf of Parents

If a parent is unable to make the booking, admins can book on their behalf.

Booking Open & Close Window

Each event can have a booking window when parents are allowed to make bookings.

Designed for Schools

The Events module is a booking system that is designed specifically for schools.

Enforce Booking Limits for Busy Events

Limit per Student

You can limit the number of bookings per student, for example if they should only book a single place rather than multiple places.

Limit per Family

Enforce a limit of bookings across the whole family, even if there are multiple parents (e.g. 4 tickets for the play per family).

Limit Number of Sessions

Enforce a limit of the total number of sessions booked within an event (e.g. maximium of 3 clubs).

Limit to Total Capacity

Make sure your event is not oversubscribed by setting a total capacity. You can also enable a waiting list if the event is full.

Easily Notify Parents

You can easily send a reminder by email or via a communication partner (Schoolcomms or Groupcall) to parents

Remind Parents That Have Not Yet Booked

Send a reminder to parents with students without bookings at the event to encourage them to book.

Remind Parents with Bookings

Quickly contact the parents to remind them of the bookings they have made.

Automatic Email Confirmations

An email confirmation is automatically sent after a parent has made a booking.

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