It couldn't be easier for parents to use

For primary schools to large secondary schools, there are only 3 steps

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1) Pick evening

Parents see the evenings relevant for their children. You can choose when each evening opens for bookings.

2) Choose teachers

Parents then pick who they'd like to see from a list of their children's teachers. All this data is synced from your MIS.

3) Schedule generated

An efficient schedule is automatically generated. They receive an email confirmation of their appointments.

Beautiful reports

Monitor student attendance

Pinpoint which students are without appointments for a particular event or see who hasn't had any appointments for this academic year. Also see the percentage of students that have appointments for each event.

Know how busy teachers are

See how many slots are left for each member of staff, giving you key information to decide if more appointments should be made available. Also easily find out what teachers are high in demand.

See popularity of appointment times

Using the interactive graph you can easily see what times are the most often booked by parents at your event. Conversely you can see what times are quiet at the event and could be removed from future events.


Effortless parents evening scheduling

Cutting edge features for administrators and school leaders

Automatic data importing

We sync with SIMS, iSAMS, RM Integris, Facility, WCBS 3Sys, ScholarPack, Bromcom, Progresso, PupilAsset, Arbor and SEEMiS (via Glow).

Neatly formatted schedules

Parents Evening System produces clear appointment sheets to print individually for handing to parents in person, or in bulk to distribute to teachers.

Evenings run more to time

A gap between appointments can be added to ensure parents arrive at their next one on time. Most schools report their evenings runs smoother as a result.

Stay on top of busy teachers

Parents can add themselves to a waiting list if a teacher is fully booked. Administrators can respond to parents' requests to make alternate arrangements.

More meaningful meetings

Parents can include a short message to each teacher when booking appointments. Teachers can then prepare in advance to get the most out of the short meeting.

Shared classes? No problem!

Quickly choose if parents can book both teachers who share a class or instead pick one teacher who will represent the class at the parents' evening.

Teachers have their own login to manage their bookings

Teacher dashboard

Teachers see their appointments for upcoming evenings and can easily print them out, book on behalf of students, mark the attendance of parents or manage their break times.

Prioritise certain students

Teachers can book on behalf of parents or even book appointments for the students they want to see before general booking is open to parents.

Be organised with teacher notes

View the notes parents leave when booking appointments to focus the discuss and record teacher notes beside them to use at the interview or for follow-up tasks.

Control access

Administrators can decide if teachers are able to add appointments or delete appointments, manage their availability and breaks, or mark the attendance of parents.

Streamline school events with online booking

Enable parents to book online for after-school activities and school plays

Online booking for any event

Parents can also book tickets for extra-curricular activities, information nights and more with the Event Booking module.

Save valuable admin time

See instantly who's signed up for each event, saving you from handling RSVP slips from parents and allocating tickets.

More convenient for parents

Parents no longer worry about the reply slip getting lost at the bottom of schoolbags. They can easily book online at any convenient time.

Single Sign-On for Teachers & Parents

Teachers and Parents can now be logged into the Parents Evening System automatically using Single Sign-On options.

Firefly Single Sign-On

Teachers and Parents can sign in using their Firefly account meaning it's really easy for users to access the Parents Evening System.


Alternatively, Teachers can login using their Active Directory credentials by setting up ADFS SAML or LDAP.

RM Unify

Teachers can login using Single Sign-On via RM Unify.


Many more features to make your evening a success

Highly configurable to handle every type of parents' evening

Branded with your logo

Make the right impression with your parents with a system branded with your school colors and logo. Localisation options allow you to change the terminology if your events are called interviews instead.

Add appointments on behalf of parents

For parents that prefer to phone the school or for those without the internet, appointments can easily be added on their behalf by a teacher or administrator.

Works around teacher availability

Have teachers starting earlier or finishing later at a parents evening. The system will even message parents in bulk when a teacher is absent on the day, for example due to illness.

Twins & separated parents

Separated parents can each book their own set of appointments. Twins are also taken care of with the system making sure the parent has a clash free schedule.

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