Simple pricing based on the number of students

Parents Evening System is completely free for your first round of parents' evenings

Annual Price
Number of students
Unlimited evenings
Unlimited bookings
Unlimited teachers
Events (clubs, trips, talks & plays)
£100 /yr
£200 /yr
£300 /yr
£400 /yr

All plans include every feature. Prices shown are in British Pounds Sterling and exclude VAT, if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free for my first evening?

Yes, Parents Evening System is completely free to use for your first parents evening system. There's no time limit on the trial and you can test it out with as many dummy evenings as you'd like.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, please sign up for the free trial and then contact us with your details and we'll email over a quotation so you can generate the purchase order.

What's the cancellation policy?

We don't ask for any payment details until you decide to purchase a licence after the free trial. You can cancel at any time however you are responsible for any charges incurred.

How do I order the Parents Evening System?

If you don't already have a trial system, please sign up for one. Please contact us to arrange purchasing the system.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay via Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cheque.

How quick can I be up and running?

Your free trial of Parents Evening System is created immediately and it then only takes a few minutes to import your data or set up the sync with your student management system. We're always available to help!